What is CAPSULaser Cataract Treatment?

If you’re considering cataract eye surgery, we have some good news! At KindSIGHT, we have introduced a new non-invasive technology that will bring cataract surgery patients improved results, reduced risk and greater peace of mind.

How does CAPSULaser work?

CAPSULaser Superior Circularity AccuracyA standard part of cataract eye surgery is a capsulotomy, where the ophthalmologist will make an incision into the crystalline lens of the eye. CAPSULaser is a selective laser that can create a circular capsulotomy in less than a second. CAPSULaser laser energy is delivered continuously, as opposed to a pulsed beam which can create tissue bridges. This makes it 1.5 times stronger, and therefore safer.

A small ergonomic device that becomes part of the operating microscope, the CAPSULaser integrates seamlessly with your ophthalmologist’s cataract workflow. Unlike other laser cataract systems using this technology, we can ensure no requirement to move patients during the procedure, as the capsulotomy takes place at the OR microscope.

As a patient, you’ll be positioned under the operating microscope, with a capsule staining dye injected into the anterior chamber. The dye (known as Trypan Blue) will sensitise the capsule to laser energy, and assist in creating a selective capsulotomy.

CAPSULaser Results

The result of using the CAPSULaser is a smoother, stronger, more consistently even incision – one that’s more predictable, tear-resistant and perfectly matched to your intraocular lens (IOL). It is for these reasons that this technology is fast becoming a trend in modern cataract surgery.

What does it all boil down to?

CAPSULaser Superior Diameter Accuracy

As a non-invasive method of performing a capsulotomy, the CAPSULaser provides peace of mind to patients, offering no-blade laser precision in merely one second meaning it is both fast and seamless! It is cost-effective, ergonomically efficient and clinically beneficial.

Having CAPSULaser technology will mean improved visual outcomes for patients by enabling a customised surgery design that precisely matches the selected intraocular lens (IOL). This relatively new technology has already demonstrated superior consistency and safety in creating lens capsulotomy when compared to traditional methods and removes the risk of surgeon error. It’s an exciting step forward in the cataract surgery space for both our ophthalmologists and patients alike.

If you’re considering laser cataract surgery or would like to book an eye consultation, you can contact our friendly KindSIGHT team on 07 3063 1600.