Lasik eye surgery (or laser eye surgery) has continued to gain popularity over the past 2 decades due to its fast visual recovery & brilliant return on investment compared to glasses or contact lenses. Popularity usually gives birth to myths and rumours discouraging some people from even exploring the option of laser eye surgery. Some of the common myths related to Lasik eye surgery are:

Lasik Eye Surgery Myth 1: Vision Threatening Risks

Risks are associated with almost all everyday activity, there are some risks related to Lasik eye surgery, but most are rare and minor. Typically, only around 2% of patients report problems following their procedure. Commonly related to delays in healing and fluctuations in clarity associated with tear film disruption, these issues usually clear up on their own. The two most common risks are over-correction or under-correction due to your body’s healing response. These can result in blurred vision, which if it does not settle May required a second procedure or enhancement in a few months’ time.

Lasik Eye Surgery Myth 2: Vision Surgery Is Very Expensive

A common myth related to Lasik eye surgery is the cost is high. When compared to the cost of glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses & solutions over 30+ years the savings are more than $20,000. When compared to other surgery such as plastic surgery, weight loss surgery or dental it represents a fantastic return on investment. Globally there is some variation in cost based on technology & quality standards. The latest generation of “All laser Custom Lasik” is typically around $3,200 per eye.

Lasik Eye Surgery Myth 3: You can’t have Vision Correction Surgery over 40

Age is an important factor with regard to suitability which is related to maturity & the cessation of growth or stabilization of your prescription. Typically you would treat a person over the age of 18 based on no change in prescription for 1 year. There are no upper age restrictions but other factors precluding you from treatment are, changes to your lens such as the development of cataracts, the onset of glaucoma, diabetes or macular degeneration. This is more commonly found in people over 60. The advent of new technology and lenses has allowed previously not suitable candidates to also enjoy greater freedom from glasses.

Lasik Eye Surgery Myth 4: LASIK is still new and won’t last

Although surprising, people still think laser eye surgery is in its infancy. Laser eye surgery was first introduced in the 1980s followed closely by Lasik in the early 1990s. Ophthalmologists have successfully used it for almost 4 decades with the procedure enjoying the highest patient satisfaction rating of all surgical procedures. Long-term published studies including the FDA have shown very positive results and are considered safe and effective. High patient satisfaction coupled with 97% of patients achieving better than 20/20 has made Lasik eye surgery one of the most popular corrective treatments to this day.

Lasik Eye Surgery Myth 5: Eye Surgery Is Very Painful

Lasik eye surgery is a quick and painless procedure. Only local anaesthetic eye drops are applied prior to treatment which numbs your eyes. You may experience a tight or stretched feeling around the eye and a sense of pressure during the creation of the flap but no pain. You will also experience a fantastic light show during the laser treatment which often only lasts 4-10 seconds. Immediately after treatment your eye may water & feel slightly scratchy.

If you’re considering Lasik eye surgery, why not book a free assessment with our team to discover if you are a suitable candidate. Although 1 in 5 people are not suitable with 6 different procedures available you have the best opportunity to achieve visual freedom.

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