At KindSIGHT, our vision has been to provide our patients with compassionate and quality care while building a competitive business that truly meets the need of our referrer network for an ophthalmology service, with our commitment to a two-week appointment turnaround for cataract consultations and comprehensive patient engagement.

We are thrilled to announce that KindSIGHT has chosen to partner with SMS Healthcare to ensure that KindSIGHT can be taken to the next level and that our team’s outstanding work to date can be expanded.

We chose SMS Healthcare as our partner to bring KindSIGHT to its full potential because of their dedication to sustaining current operations and seeking chances to grow and strengthen processes. In addition, Dr Katherine Smallcombe will maintain her leadership position at KindSIGHT.

The same quality of care and services we have developed at KindSIGHT will continue. Familiar faces from reception staff to clinical optometrists will remain to provide our patients and referrers with the highest quality of care and customer service.

Introducing SMS Healthcare

SMS HealthcareFounded in 2017, Mr Carl Adams is the managing director of SMS Healthcare. With proven expertise in healthcare management, Carl has brought together a team of dedicated healthcare professionals driven to transform healthcare delivery in Australia.

The executive leadership team at SMS Healthcare includes; Carl Adams, Timothy Maclean, Dr Ilan Sebban, Dean Powrie, Melissa MacIvor, and Natasha Clancy. Each member brings a wealth of experience and proven success in managing and growing diverse healthcare assets in Australia and abroad, ranging from general practice, specialist solo/group practices, and independent, corporate and tertiary referral hospitals.

At SMS Healthcare, you will sense their complete care and compassion for patients on speaking to their leadership team. In addition, you can be assured that the SMS Healthcare team will continue to build upon the Ophthalmology service that we are known for.

Latest to join KindSIGHT | Dr Cameron McLintock and Dr Nirosha Paramanathan

It is a great pleasure to introduce our two new Ophthalmologists, Dr Cameron McLintock and Dr Nirosha Paramanathan, who will be working together with Dr Katherine Smallcombe to deliver exceptional service to our KindSIGHT referrers and patients.

Dr Cameron McLintockDr Cameron McLintock

Dr Cameron McLintock is an Ophthalmologist with advanced training and expertise in refractive/laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and corneal transplantation. Cameron is passionate about customer-focused eye care. Offering the highest possible outcomes and patient experience via leading-edge technology and treatments for eye health. Dr McLintock is available for consultation and treatments at KindSIGHT Indooroopilly.

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Dr Nirosha Paramanathan

Dr Nirosha Paramanathan

Dr Nirosha Paramanathan is a comprehensively trained and highly effectual Ophthalmologist. Technical expertise, thoroughness, kindness, and an instinctive commitment to holistic care are demonstrated core values in her clinical practise. Dr Paramanathan expertly manages a wide range of presentations: adult cataract, strabismus, glaucoma, pterygium and paediatric strabismus, amblyopia (lazy eye) and tear-duct obstruction. Dr Nirosha Paramanathan is available for consultation and treatments at KindSIGHTRedcliffe.

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