Get a Regular Eye Check

Dr Katherine Smallcombe Performing Eye CheckDo you see your doctor regularly for a check-up? Visit the chiropractor? Get a teeth exam and clean every 6 months? Well, what about your eyes? When was the last time you had an eye check? It’s easy to take our vision for granted – but as one of our most valued senses, we need to ensure we celebrate and take care of our eyes properly.

From the time we’re young we learn that maintaining our health and getting regular check-ups is how to stave off medical problems and health issues. But when it comes to your eyes – how often should you be making that check-up appointment?

Why Get Your Eyes Checked?

It goes without saying that the earlier we detect a problem with your eyes, the easier they are to treat. This is especially true as we age and eye conditions become more commonplace.

Regular eye check-ups will ensure your vision remains intact and potential risks to your sight can be identified and treated before it has any major impact.

So How Often Should you Book an Eye Check?

If you’re 18 – 40 years old:     Every 2 years
If you’re over 40:                    Every 12 months

However, you should consider increasing the frequency of your eye check-ups if you have:

• A history of eye disease in your family (glaucoma, macular degeneration)
• Existing or previous eye injury, surgery or disease
• Regular exposure to environments that pose a risk to eye health (high UV exposure)
• Medication that has eye-related side effects
• Diabetes or high blood pressure
• Contact lenses.

Don’t take your Eyes for Granted

If you haven’t had an eye check for a while, schedule an appointment with your eye care professional and get your vision checked today.