Then this free Guide to Cataract Surgery E-Book resource is for you.

Our first KindSIGHT E-Book is out now, delving deep into cataracts and cataract surgery for patients. In this new resource, we seek to boost patient confidence and understanding of both your options and the process when it comes to undergoing cataract surgery.

If you’re thinking about cataract or lens surgery, this E-Book will help you through the decision-making process required, and assist you to make an informed choice regarding your treatment and visual options.


Worldwide, cataract surgery is the most frequently performed surgical procedure. In Australia, more than 200,000 cataract procedures are performed every year.

While it may be somewhat reassuring to know you’re not in this boat alone, eye surgery is still a significant life event that can seem daunting – particularly if you do not feel informed. Cataract and lens surgery in particular can feel like a complex process with many options and a lot of information to digest. So where do you start?

The good news is, modern cataract surgery has advanced in leaps and bounds, allowing patients to see better, faster. In fact, following surgery, most patients are able to function normally either the same or the next day.

But a lot needs to happen before you get to recovery. For instance, how do you know you have cataracts? What result are you looking for by undergoing surgery? And what is the surgery experience actually like?

New technology allows patients a range of vision options after cataract surgery, offering greater independence from glasses. But everybody is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to cataract surgery. Spending some time thinking about your personal lifestyle demands and your preferences is a good idea, before progressing conversations with your ophthalmologist.


This FREE E-Book will help patients with:

  • Understanding your lifestyle and vision options
  • Anatomy of the eye and how it all works
  • Learning more about cataracts and the eye
  • What cataract surgery involves
  • Cataract surgery costs
  • Lifestyle and pre-operative questionnaires
  • The patient’s journey explained
  • Understanding the risks involved with cataract surgery
  • How to maintain healthy eyes for life, post-op
  • Frequently asked questions regarding both cataract surgery and lens replacement surgery


If you’re considering cataract surgery, this E-Book will also give you insight into the role our KindSIGHT team plays in the preparation, delivery, and aftercare of your surgery.

Dr. Katherine Smallcombe and the KindSight team are in the top 5% for post-operative results and with a 99%, 5-star patient satisfaction rating. We are uniquely positioned to help patients through the entire process, from diagnosis through to recovery, with a dedicated focus on communication, care, and connection.


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